Air heaters

Finned resistance heaters are ideal for the convection heating of air in stoves, industrial ovens, drying cabinets and facilities, air conditioning equipment, etc. ...

Made with our moulded stainless 1-4541 heating elements, finned resistance heaters are usually equipped with electrogalvanized steel fins.

The power required and the surface watt density (W/cm2) depends on the operating temperature as well as the velocity of air or gas that need to be heated together with its environment.

thumbnail Finned tubular heaters 

Finned tubular heaters

Our finned resistance heaters are ideal for heating air by convection, for stoves, industrial ovens, drying cabinets, air conditioners, etc. ..

Made from our sheathed heating elements, equipped with rounded fins, or formed single pin fitted with rectangular fins.

The resistance heater is provided with crimped steel fitting or welded joints. The electrical connection is generally made on terminal block.

thumbnail Industrial convector heaters 

Industrial convector heaters

Industrial convector heaters are designed for medium sized spaces, workshops, storage units. These convectors, known for their robustness, are made up of perforated metal sheet and painted steel support, along with a metal or aluminum box(ORGM) and finned tubular heating element.

The industrial convector can be supplied with optional limit thermostat, remote thermostat, as required, externally and internally adjustable.

thumbnail Industrial air duct heaters 

Industrial air duct heaters

Electric air duct heaters recognized for their robustness are connected to ventilation shaft  to heat industrial premises.

The air duct heaters for circular or rectungular duct are made up of one or several bended tubular heating elements, sometimes finned heating elements, fixed on a galvanised frame or steel or stainless steel sheet to suit the working environment.

The electrical connection is made in carbon steel or stainless terminal box to avoid corrosion.

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