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CETAL certificates

Directives, accreditations and marking


All materials used for pressure equipment meets the requirements of European Directive PED. Different parts (A, A2, G) are implemented according to their risk category (I-II-III-IV). The assessment of our compliance to those directive are carried out by a certified body.

ATEX – LCIE certification

CETAL offers a large range of products for use in potentially hazardous areas. These products are certified according to type examination issued by an approved laboratory (LCIE registered under No. 0081.)
The CETAL company statisfies all requirements of the European ATEX directive.
CETAL is certified following European standards NF EN 60079-0 (General rules), NF EN 60079-1 (type of protection “d”), NF EN 60079-7 (type of protection “e”) and NF EN 60079-11 (type of protection “i”).


CETAL offers a complete range of equipment for use in potentially hazardous atmospheres. All material is subject to an examination and then a certificate is issued by LCIE, accreditive body referenced under number 0081 according Article 17 of 2014/34/EU Directive.


Issued by LCIE, the IECex marking certifies that the equipment used in hazardous locations is in accordance with the IEC standards recognized in 22 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europa and North America.


Electrical equipment designed for European markets is subject to the CE marking attesting its compliance with all European Directives applicable to it, namely: Low Voltage Directive LVD 2014/35/EU, Directive 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic (EMC) and Directive for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) 2014/34/EU, and, if needed, the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU.


To be able to sell our equipment in USA, Canada, the products meet Canadian standards (CSA 250 3508 VERITAS Certification)

EAC & CU TR (formerly GOST)

To ensure sales, installation and use of CETAL equipment in Russia, Belorussia, Ukrainia, etc, our products are EAC certified (former GOST-R and Rostechnadzor).



CETAL offers a large range of products for the market in North America for use in potentially hazardous areas.

These products are certified according to certificate of compliance issued by CSA Group.


CETAL offers a large range of products for the petroleum industry of northern Europe.

These products comply with NORSOK standards.

BV Marine

CETAL offers a large range of products for Steel Ships. These products are certified according to type approval certificate issued by BUREAU VERITAS Marine & Offshore Division.

Qualifications and construction codes

All welding processes are made following welding procedures certified according to EN, ASME, AD2000 MERKBLATT and TÜV by skilled welders certified through independent certificatives bodies.

The manufacturing codes CODAP – ASME VIII Division I, AD2000, API, etc. are implemented from the design to the manufacturing stage of our products.



Our welding operations are EN-ASME or body certified. Our welders are qualified by an independent organism.

CETAL designs and manufactures the equipments in accordance with CODAP-ASME IX division I, API …codes.