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Coil heaters

CETAL offer a large range of customized coil heaters

CETAL offer a large range of coil heaters starting with Micro (type WRP/F 1,0 x 1,6) up to Maxi (type WRP 4,8 x 8,6) with different lenghts and diameters.

Brass-coil heaters or coil heaters with clamping mechanism as heating elements for different applications.

For heating applications

  • Hot runner nozzles with and without wattage distribution
  • Small hot runner distribution plates
  • Sealing bars and jaws for packaging machines
  • Machine nozzles for plastics and die-casting industries

Multi-purpose and economical with a variety of

  • Wattages, surface loads and customized heat distribution
  • Wall thicknesses and mounting options

Range of clamping options

  • Undersized inner diameter for open coiled heater fitting
  • Lower thermal expansion with reflection tube
  • Tight fitting with axial screw clamping band
  • Tangential screw clamping