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Quality & environment management

The customer is the most important part of the production line

W. Edwards Deming

No compromise on quality & safety!

CETAL has been certified ISO 9001 & 14001 since 1994 and has always put quality and safety as the 1st priority.

CETAL has a huge experience (~40 years) with explosion-proof products and pressure equipment (PED).

All over the years, CETAL has been looking for quality improvement to provide the best customer value.

The quality is not only the product quality, but it is also the ability to improve every day, increase efficiency and performance of the organization to provide the best products and services to our customers.

To support this statement, CETAL launched a “lean” program at the end of 2015, involving all company departments (production and engineering).

The management system is based on “people empowerment“, enabling to CETAL collaborators to imagine and implement improvements every day.

Management of quality & environment

The quality management system is based on the following key pilars:

  • Lean approach / Continuous Improvement Process
  • Quality committee
  • Internal quality audit – Improvement & Implementation
  • Quality certified operators (Welders)
  • Metrology control
  • 100% final control : Electrical – Mechanical – Dimensional
  • Documentation: QA procedures, customer technical documentation
  • Supplier quality control and audits
  • Efficient customer claim system
  • CEO has overall Quality & Environment process responsibility

Social responsibility

  • Social responibility is considered as a key pilar for any CETAL activities (internal and external including suppliers).
  • In 2015, CETAL launched an empowerment program to enable our employees to respond quickly and more efficently to customer needs.


  • CETAL has implemented an efficient traceability system to meet demanding customer requirements.

Product testing

  • Liquid penetrant
  • Degreasing
  • Helium
  • Oxygen cleaning

Safety First!

  • CETAL has for 40 years been providing explosion-proof equipment and high-pressure equipment (up to 250 bars and even more …). People’s life can’t be jeopardized by unsafe products!
  • CETAL has always made “SAFETY” its first priority.
  • CETAL will guarantee that the delivered equipment complies with all required standards.
  • CETAL conducts a yearly update of Design-FMEA (D- FMEA) and Production-FMEA (P- FMEA) taking into account all the risks.
  • CETAL’s experience and quality management system provides for a safe design and production for the most critical applications all over the world.

Environment and sustainable development

It is important for CETAL, with our product designs and ongoing developments, to do our share in sustainability to protect our planet.

In 1994, CETAL decided to be certified ISO 14001 considering our important responsibility in reducing our impacts at all stages: suppliers, production & logistics and customers.

One of our main focus today is to integrate an eco-design approach into the design of our products in order to :

  • reduce energy consumption
  • improve energy efficiency
  • increase life time

Supplier base management

  • The supplier base management is key to make sure that the whole chain is working with the same standard and is aligned with the CETAL strategy.
  • CETAL selects only Premium suppliers in Europe or US (no-low cost suppliers) to secure the best quality and value for our customers.
  • CETAL performs regular audits every year. Main audited points are:
    • Quality
    • Delivery performance
    • Competitiveness / Cost workshop (Design to cost)
    • Financial supervision / Sustainability