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ATEX/IECEx products for hazardous areas

40 years experience in explosion-proof products

CETAL will celebrate 40 years experience in explosion proof equipment in 2018.


We can provide our complete range in explosion proof version (ATEX, IECEx and NEC 505*).

We have been certified by the notified boby LCIE (0081) according to appendix IV of European directive 2014/34/EU.

  • Quality Evaluation Notification LCIE02 ATEX Q8022
  • Quality Assessment Report Notification IECEx FR/LCI/QAR.11.0008
  • European directive 2014/34/EU

The purpose of the directive is to improve protection in terms of the health and safety of workers exposed to the risk of explosive atmospheres.

It stipulates technical and organizational protective measures to be taken and the documents relating to protection.

The risk of explosion must be prevented and dangerous locations must be classified into zones.

Classification of hazardous locations must be done by the end user who is responsible.

ATEX/IECEx connection boxes

CETAL offer two protection modes for connection boxes:

  • The increased safety protection mode “e” (EN60079-7)
  • The explosion-proof protection mode “d” (EN 60079-1), together with temperature control acc. to EN 60079-0,

A combination of the 2 modes “de” can also be required in some specific cases.

Our products can operate in hazardous areas (zone 1 and zone 2) for gases of the A-B-C groups.

Type of protection “d” explosion-proof connection box


With this method, the housing (casing):

  • Must contain the explosion within the enclosure
  • Make sure that the ignition cannot reach the hazardous area
  • Always keep an external temperature lower than the auto-ignition temperature of any surrounding

The following factors are selected depending on the internal free volume of the enclosure and the gas present in the area:

  • Type of seal (cylindrical, flat, threaded)
  • Seal length
  • Gap length

The power and temperature control circuits can be accommodated in separate housings.

Type of protection “e” increased safety

Method: To prevent the occurrence of any accidental ignition source (electric arcs, heating).

This mode of protection is achieved by:

  • Selecting high-quality insulating material
  • Defining the right creepage distances
  • Ensuring the quality of electrical connection
  • For all classes of gases and vapours
  • Suitable for connection housings

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