CETAL strengths

The CETAL 5 +


Cerfified Quality and environmental management systems

CETAL has been developing its quality system throughout a 5M approach (Manpower, Methods, Machine, Material, middle), and implement a strong policy towards customer satisfaction. CETAL leans upon training, qualification continuous improvement of processes, quality tools such as 5S, internal audit and problem-solving.

In environmental management, CETAL implements and maintains policies and procedures to:

  • control and comply with BPI,
  • control its energy wates, consumables and raw materials
  • to manage waste


Qualified, dynamic and forthcoming team

The technical sales team, in constant link with our design, purchasing and manufacturing departments,  are present to listen to your need, define your requirements, with the main objective to ensure and increase your satisfaction.

A strong network of agents involved in a process of continuous training to CETAL's products and applications, are worlwide located to help you in defining your need and find appropriate solutions

Technicians and production operators are trained, qualified and certified to ensure manufacturing of quality products and services along with maximum compliance to environmental standards.


Partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors

CETAL has developed a solid and competitive supplier and subcontractor base built on strong relations and looking for innovative solutions.

CETAL involves its partners in the establishment of a quick-to-adapt supply chain, to meet your requirements in term of quality, cost and time.


Flexibility and Effectiveness of processes

CETAL implements, maintains and improves management procedures specific to production (CAM, configurator tailored tool) in its continuing goal to supply order on time to satisfy its customers base. These tools guarantee also the product traceability for each product family and allow rational effectiveness personnel and equipment management.


Products & services improvement and innovation

A process of technological regulation and standards associated with active market listening to determine the market and anticipate changing needs and expectations of our customers.


A permanent QCD approach:

Quality - Cost - Delivery to bring you the best products and services at increasingly competitive prices

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