Immersion heaters / Air duct heaters

Flanged immersion heaters are particularly suitable for heating or maintaining temperature of large volumes of fluid such as water, fuel oil, thermal oil, air or gas.

Flange immersion heaters are made up of electric heating elements, brazed or TIG welded following on a standard DIN / ASA or specific flange. These elements are connected to an electrical junction box.

Air ducts heaters or batteries are made up of a sturdy box in which the electric heating elements are mounted and connected to an electric junction box.

thumbnail Flanged immersion heaters 

Flanged immersion heaters

The flanged immersion heaters are designed to maintain or heat liquid, gas in natural or forced convection.

The flanged immersion heaters are mounted vertically or horizontally on the stitching of a tank heater or circulation heater.

The flanged are designed and manufactured according to European directives 97/23/EC (PED), ASME, ..., manufacturing codes ASME, CODAP ...

thumbnail Air duct heaters 

Air duct heaters

Electric air duct heaters are commonly used to heat air or gas up to a temperature of 850 ° C in drying, dehydration, air treatment application ... under low pressure.

Industrial air duct heating elements are especially designed to obtain the best exchange surface. Air duct heaters for rectangular or round ducts are made up of one or more sheathed stainless steel heating elements which may or may not be finned, mounted on a plate to facilitate assembly on ventilation ducts.

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