Industrial electric heaters and custom heating elements

Electric heaters are used to heat liquid, solids or gas by convection, conduction or radiation.

Tubular heating elements lend themselves to the manufacture of immersion heaters, industrial convectors, duct heaters, band heaters, cast heaters (cast-in), infrared panels.

To meet your industrial requirements (corrosion, temperature, size), electric heating elements are composed of copper, stainless steel, Incoloy or Inconel tubes with appropriate watt density to fit your processes. CETAL proposes custom-made solutions suitable for installation working in ambiant temperatures or extreme environments.

thumbnail Industrial electric heaters and custom heating elements 

Industrial electric heaters and custom heating elements

A custom-made tubular heating element consists of a resistant nickel chromium wire type 80/20 inserted into a protective tube (shield) filled with electro-melt high quality magnesia . Compacted by cold rolling, it provides excellent heat transfer. Each edge of the sheathed component consists of a non-heating area (length being defined by use) where the electrical connection is made. The electric heater is custom-made with a maximum length of 6700 mm, along with different diameters (6.5 - 8.5 - 10 - 13.5 - 16 mm) and materials (copper, stainless steel, Incoloy, Inconel). The electric heater, cold formed according to drawings, specifications or samples, is the basic component of custom moulded heated devices, screw plugs or flange plugs immersion heaters, air duct heaters and batteries,  ...

It is an ideal solution to heat liquid, gas or solids.

thumbnail Electric heaters for distribution blocks 

Electric heaters for distribution blocks

Electric heaters offer a perfect alternative to heat moulded plates, the heating of warm channel distribution blocks in the plasturgy industry. The manufacturing procedure specific to CETAL can ensure temperature uniformity throughout the whole element located in the machined groove of the distribution block. Resistors and heating elements for distribution blocks can then be custom-made, following your requirements (process ...) for maximum durability.

thumbnail Industrial infrared heaters 

Industrial infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are especially suitable for the heating of moving parts in applications such as paint curing, print drying or sterilization.

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