Hazardous area heaters - ATEX Heaters

CETAL is ATEX and IEC Ex certified, and recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing electric heating elements for hazardous areas, such as flanged immersion heaters, air duct heaters (batteries), circulation heaters, etc. ... for any process in hazardous environments.

All equipment are subject to an control and a certificate issued by LCIE, according to European standards CENELEC (EN60079-0).

thumbnail Heater for hazardous areas - ATEX 

Heater for hazardous areas - ATEX

Flameproof industrial immersion heaters for explosive atmospheres or hazardous areas (ATEX) are used in forced circulation processes, heating liquid or gas in chemistry or  the heavy chemistry industry, but also for industrial application such as paint booth, hall storage of flammables, and platform drilling sites. This material is manufactured in accordance with PED directive.

thumbnail ATEX Air duct heaters 

ATEX Air duct heaters

They are commonly used in low pressure (<0.2 bar) and forced convection, for air conditioning heating, building heating, packaging, storage of hazardous products, or to heat air or gas (argon, nitrogen) in industrial processes located in hazardous areas. According to the specifications, air duct heaters are designed to be used in potentially explosive atmosphere and then are equipped with one or more enclosures "d" or aluminum coated steel or stainless steel complying with EN60079-1 (flameproof) or even  "e" enclosure in stainless steel IP55 complying with EN60079-7 (increased safety).

thumbnail Other equipments for hazardous areas ATEX 

Other equipments for hazardous areas ATEX

When the environment requires appropriate hazardous atmosphere equipment, CETAL  offers with the right examination certificates, or products along with the electric junction boxes certification.

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