Our markets


CETAL offers to electrothermics market an expertise built on more than 40 years of experience. With its network of agents all over the world, CETAL is close to your concerns. Thanks to an engineering team handling any specific request, CETAL develops the best solution for you in close collaboration with your team.


Market by product

CETAL operates on the following 4 markets:


Heating element insulation using fused magnesia (MGO) :

  • Market of electric heating elements for OEM equipment, excluding components for  domestic devices. The products are manufactured individually (samples  / prototypes) or in small and medium series. CETAL, by its production facility (lean manufacturing) and organization meet key requirements: quality 100% and lead time.
  • The market for electric heater for industrial processes goes from a few kW to several MW, CETAL has capability of manufacturing and handling large products (> 5 tons).

Heating element using boron nitride insulation

  • By implementing this technology, CETAL pushed the limits of the use of electrothermal Joule transfer and meets the needs of equipment miniaturization as well as high reactivity of thermal processes.

Various market

  • To complement its range and meet heaters demands by conduction, CETAL offers cartridges, necklaces and thermocouples.


Market by activity


Electric heating elements,  any kind of type, custom  made tubular heating elements, moulded heating elements, screw plug immersion heaters, removable or flanged  immersion heaters, forced circulation heaters or air duct electric heaters are a key solution for the  heating of liquid, gas or solid by Joule effect up to 1000°C. The heating elements or assemblies are supplied in 1Ph or 3Ph (maximum voltage 750V). CETAL offers heating solutions in all industrial sectors by convection, conduction or radiation (infrared).

To comply with environment and regulation requirements linked to hazardous areas, CETAL offers a complete range of ATEX-certified products.

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