thumbnail Boron Nitrid Heaters 

Boron Nitrid Heaters

Very High Heating Performance for the 21st Century

Productivity, energy saving & environment protection, cost reduction.

Maximise your heating applications with ­Boron Nitrid Heaters!

Boron Nitrid Heaters

thumbnail High-Performance Bolt Heaters 

High-Performance Bolt Heaters

Boron Nitrid Technology

The use of boron nitrid as insulation allows to concentrate a lot of energy in a small space. With this technology, high temperatures can be obtained in a short time, thus reducing to a few minutes the nut tightening/untightening time.

High-Performance Bolt Heaters

thumbnail Power Control Panels 

Power Control Panels

Standard turn-key range

CETAL, industrial heating system designer and manufacturer, offers you a range of turn-key power control panels optimized for your process.

Power control panels

thumbnail Power Control Panels 230 VAC 1PH 

Power Control Panels 230 VAC 1PH

up to 3.5 kW

Easy to install and to use, this panel is ideal to control your heating equipment

Power control panels 230 VAC 1PH

thumbnail Flange Immersion Heaters 

Flange Immersion Heaters

for ATEX/IECEx hazardous areas or in non-ATEX version

The flange immersion heaters consist of tubular heating elements mounted on a flange. They are highly performant for heating or maintaining the temperature of gas or liquids.

Flange immersion heaters

thumbnail Screw plug immersion heaters 

Screw plug immersion heaters

The screw plug immersion heaters by CETAL are designed and manufactured as a standard range or according to customer specifications.

Screw plug immersion heaters

thumbnail Titanium Heaters 

Titanium Heaters

with coupling plug

The TH titanium screw immersion heaters range are used to heat all kinds of water, of whatever source and treatment (e.g. seawater, chlorine treatment, bromine, ozone, electrophysical, electrochemical, and chlorine-free products).

Titanium immersion heaters

thumbnail Wine Heaters 

Wine Heaters

Wine Immersion Heaters

FI immersion heaters have been designed for heating liquids and, in wine-making, to facilitate the process of grape juice fermentation.

Wine heaters

thumbnail Self-regulated Screw Plug Immersion Heaters 

Self-regulated Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

for ATEX/IECEx hazardous areas

For heating gaseous or liquid media, protection of motor carters and compressors.

Self-regulated Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

thumbnail Cast-In Heating Elements 

Cast-In Heating Elements

for ATEX/IECEx hazardous areas or in non-ATEX version

Cast-in heating elements are ideal for applications requiring homogeneous indirect heat. They consist of one or several electrical resistances embedded in a block of aluminum, brass, bronze or cupronickel alloy providing excellent thermal conductivity.

Cast-In Heating Elements

thumbnail Industrial Cast-in Circulation Heaters 

Industrial Cast-in Circulation Heaters

for ATEX/IECEx hazardous areas or in non-ATEX version

The CETAL-developed Cast-In Circulation Heater technology offers a safe and precise integrated solution for your process heating requirements.

Industrial Cast-in Circulation Heaters

thumbnail Circulation Heaters 

Circulation Heaters

Standard range

Circulation heaters are designed for pre-heating circulating fluids (liquid or gas) up to 15 bar. They are made of an immersion heater in a steel or stainless steel vessel with supports.

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