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CETAL project

The CETAL project

CETAL Clean  Flexible Heating Technology for a Better World

Because we believe heat is one of the cleanest and best energies for industrial use.

Every day, we strive to tailor our technology and knowhow to design ever more efficient heating systems and solutions for your needs.

Since 1967, through experience and R&D, we have been improving our customized heating element, the key component for making your process more efficient and durable.

This gives you the power in your process to heat and meet your needs, thereby ensuring a safer and more sustainable environment and a more efficient and innovative industry.

For us, just like heat exchange, sharing and exchanging information between people has always been the main factor for understanding issues at an early stage to efficiently enhance performance.

At  CETAL, there is this extra warmth in our team spirit which includes an open and caring special relationship with our customers.

Together we are an unbeatable team, clear understanding of your requirements, clear sharing of issues and clear definition of the best and most efficient solutions quickly.

Proud in our beliefs, we focus our attention on selectively applying our technology, knowhow  and reliability, with the goal to bringing heat efficiently to the world where it is needed, without heating up the Planet for a Better World.