Our range of tubulare heating elements and assemblies

  • Image : Industrial electric heaters and custom heating elementsIndustrial electric heaters and custom heating elements

    Electric heaters are used to heat liquid, solids or gas by convection, conduction or radiation.

    Tubular heating elements lend themselves to the manufacture of immersion heaters, industrial convectors, duct heaters, band heaters, cast heaters (cast-in), infrared panels.

    To meet your industrial requirements (corrosion, temperature, size), electric heating elements are composed of copper, stainless steel, Incoloy or Inconel tubes with appropriate watt density to fit your processes. CETAL proposes custom-made solutions suitable for installation working in ambiant temperatures or extreme environments.

  • Image : Screw plug immersion heaters (fixed or removable)Screw plug immersion heaters (fixed or removable)

    Screw plug immersion heaters, fixed or removable products are commonly used.

    The heater is used to heat circulating water, rinsing baths, special oils, acids, heat transfer media, heavy fuel oil, air or gas.

    Screw immersion heaters are made up of 1, 3 or 6 heating elements, brazed or welded on assembly plugs (metric or British thread size), specific flange available in brass, steel or stainless steel. Heating elements with Watt load up to 16 W/cm2 are made of copper, stainless steel, Inconel or Incoloy.

  • Image : Immersion heaters / Air duct heatersImmersion heaters / Air duct heaters

    Flanged immersion heaters are particularly suitable for heating or maintaining temperature of large volumes of fluid such as water, fuel oil, thermal oil, air or gas.

    Flange immersion heaters are made up of electric heating elements, brazed or TIG welded following on a standard DIN / ASA or specific flange. These elements are connected to an electrical junction box.

    Air ducts heaters or batteries are made up of a sturdy box in which the electric heating elements are mounted and connected to an electric junction box.

  • Image : Hazardous area heaters - ATEX HeatersHazardous area heaters - ATEX Heaters

    CETAL is ATEX and IEC Ex certified, and recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing electric heating elements for hazardous areas, such as flanged immersion heaters, air duct heaters (batteries), circulation heaters, etc. ... for any process in hazardous environments.

    All equipment are subject to an control and a certificate issued by LCIE, according to European standards CENELEC (EN60079-0).

  • Image : Cast in heatersCast in heaters

    The cast in heaters are composed of one or more electrical heating elements embedded in an aluminum alloy, brass, bronze, copper-nickel or iron type material with excellent thermal conductivity.

    The gravity casting provides excellent homogeneity of the casting material and therefore allows excellent thermal diffusion. The regularity of the surface temperature is ensured by a suitable forming. The cast heating elements can be used to surface temperatures up to 950 ° C.

  • Image : Air heatersAir heaters

    Finned resistance heaters are ideal for the convection heating of air in stoves, industrial ovens, drying cabinets and facilities, air conditioning equipment, etc. ...

    Made with our moulded stainless 1-4541 heating elements, finned resistance heaters are usually equipped with electrogalvanized steel fins.

    The power required and the surface watt density (W/cm2) depends on the operating temperature as well as the velocity of air or gas that need to be heated together with its environment.

  • Image : High flux heating elements / Bolt heaters / Forced fluid immersion heatersHigh flux heating elements / Bolt heaters / Forced fluid immersion heaters

    The use and implement boron nitride as an insulator enables the manufacture of heaters whose surface density, or function of heater surface material, exceeds 150 W/cm2.

    These so called "high flux heating elements" are used as cartridge heaters for bolts heating or straight tubular elements for forced convection electric heaters or radiation one.

  • Image : Circulation heaters & Control panelsCirculation heaters & Control panels

    Circulation heaters are used with pressure up to 200 bar. In single or multi assembly, they are built according to the PED, building codes CODAP, ASME ...

    CETAL is ATEX and IEC Ex certified, and recognized as a leader in designing and manufacturing electrical heating elements for hazardous atmospheres such as flanged immersion heaters, air duct heaters (batteries), circulation heaters, etc...

Cetal, designer and manufacturer of custom-made heating elements & tubular heating elements

CETAL are designers and manufacturers of tubular heating and assemblies for heating equipment and processes. Since 1967.

• CETAL offers a complete range of custom-made heaters in heating liquid,  gas, solid for both onshore and offshore applications, CETAL has the expertise and know-how to design and manufacture electric heating equipment for installation in hazardous or non hazardous areas.

• Recognized as leader and valued partner worldwide, CETAL supports you in realizing your electric heating projects.

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