Flanged immersion heaters

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thumbnail Flanged immersion heaters 

The flanged immersion heaters are particularly suitable for heating or maintaining temperature of large volumes of fluid such as water, fuel oil, thermal oil, air or gas.

Indifferently mounted on tanks, cisterns, boilers, circulating heaters, etc... they represent optimal heating systems for all kind of processes.

The flanged immersion heaters consist of electric heaters generally simple hairpin formed, brazed or TIG welded. The watt density(W/cm2) is adapted to operating conditions. The quality of stainless steel tubes (AISI 321, AISI 316L, AISI 309, 800-825 Incoloy, Inconel 600) is determined according to the environment and temperature. For heating temperature > 110 ° C, the electrical connection box is offsetto ensure protection of electric connections.

General Information



The flange immersion heater is made up of:

  • a bundle of electric heating elements characterized by its diameter and  immersion length. The bundle diameter depends on the number of heating elements usually hairpin formed and welding procedure used. The number of heating elements is defined by the total power required and the maximum watt density (W/cm2).
  • a flange (DIN - ASA - Other ...) is calculated according to the pressure and operating temperature, size range from DN80 PN10 (3 "150 lbs) to DN2500 PN250 (100" 1500 lbs). The seal design (SEM - DEM) is consistent with the flange cap.
  • a offset box for temperature over 110 °C to limit temperature in the junction box at 80 ° C max.
  • an electric connection box, in protected steel or stainless steel, with cable inputs sized according to the number and power of heating elements; temperature control system can be mounted in the connection box.

Flange immersions heaters are used to heat gas or fluid in horizontal or vertical position in different industries such as food processing, petrochemicals, chemicals , pharmaceuticals, energy, textiles, plastics industries, machine tools, marine industries, aerospace, research, water treatment, ...

Based on strong experience, our technical departement is able to design the flange immersion heater according to your application and requirements.

Watt density recommendation:

charge surfacique-ATEX-600-en

Mounting precautions









Application-thermo-flange 6-1Petrochemicals - glycol reboiler
Preheating glycol -30 to 120 ° C
- 260KW 440V - 15 bars
- DN400
- Marine atmosphere

Picture Bride-AirLiquide 1-150Petrochemistry
Heater nitrogen 21A 290 ° C
- 5060KW 690V - 3 bars
- DN2500


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