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thumbnail Heating elements and assemblies 

Heating elements and assemblies

Applications distribution blocks, molding, THP ...

Shielded heating element produced according to drawings, designs or customer specifications.

Maximum developed length 6600 mm.

The heating element in diameter from 6.5 to 16 mm can be made of copper, stainless steel, inconel or Incolloy. The irradiance is adapted to process requirements. Single (prototype) or serial production.


thumbnail Screw plug immersion 

Screw plug immersion

Water heating static or circulating

The heaters consist of one, three or six tubular heating elements, brazed or welded to a brass steel or stainless steel plug, metric or inch thread. The heating elements are made of copper, stainless steels incolloy, depending on the nature of the heated fluids.


thumbnail Flange Immersion 

Flange Immersion

Heating elements welded or interchangeable

The immersion heaters are made up of welded on the flange and resistance to barrels or cartridges introduced in the immersion well for their removal without draining the system.

At higher temperature (> 900 ° C), high pressure or low volume of fluid to be heated, the implementation of elements VHP appears to be an excellent alternative.


thumbnail Circulation heaters 

Circulation heaters

Heating of liquids or gases

The elements of the beam heating are performed in a stainless steel suitable for the fluid characteristics (corrosion) and its temperature.

The shape and number of spacers are designed for optimum heat transfer.


thumbnail Very High Performance (VHP) heaters 

Very High Performance (VHP) heaters

Boron Nitrid insulation

The high performance of VHP heaters is directly linked to the technology using Boron Nitrid as insulation and maintenaing Ni-Cr 80/20 wire inside sheath tube.


thumbnail Bolt heaters 

Bolt heaters

Tightening and loosening expansion

The use of VHP elements enables to concentrate much energy in a minimum volume. The total installed capacity, depending on software installation is transferred by radiation. Through this technology, the time of assembly / disassembly is significantly reduced for applications such as tightening / loosening of bolts by thermal expansion (maintenance of turbine).


thumbnail Air duct heater 

Air duct heater

These devices recognized for their robustness are used to heat industrial premises, control cubicles.

The batteries for rectangular or round duct consist of one or more stainless steel tubular heating elements, possibly equipped with fins, mounted on a turntable or a tee for easy mounting on air ducts.


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