thumbnail A new logo for CETAL 

A new logo for CETAL

New generation, new dynamics, new logo!


The CETAL logo has been redesigned to illustrate our spirit of innovation and the changing company culture.

Founded in 1967, CETAL (Contructions Electro-Thermiques d’Alsace) has been since 2014 managed by par Nicolas PFIRSCH, grandson of the company founder. This third generation brings a cultural change and a renewed focus on customer relationships, which are at the center of all our actions.

The new logo represents this philosophy and is the first step in rethinking the company's communication.

Colors and shapes of the new logo

The evolution of the company values can be seen in the new logo composed of the name CETAL preceded by a circular graphic element.

The name CETAL is now set in dark grey letters and is more legible than before. The grey color stands for the metalworking industry, our trade.

A graphic element made of three circular red shapes is placed before the name.

  • The outer circle stands for the expertise and knowhow of the CETAL company, designer and manufacturer of industrial heating equipment for nearly 50 years.
  • The second circle symbolizes the people at CETAL, team members, representatives and partners, wo strive to bring the expertise to our customers everywhere in the world, to help them achieve their goals.
  • In the middle of the circle stands the customer, his process and his goals.

The color red, historically representing the heating resistance, also stands for the care and team values at CETAL.

Values and projects for the future

However, the spirit of innovation and service does not end with the change of logo!
Indeed, the CETAL project for the future also means investing in R&D, consolidating partnerships and taking many steps which will benefit our customers significantly.


Declaration of conformity CU-TR (Custom Union) for all CETAL products for Russia and Kazakhstan

Certification EAC for Ex-proof heaters

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